Epigenetics informs us that the environment including our diet has a major impact on our genes and physiology.  Recent research shows how our gut microbes also play a significant role in our physical and mental well being.  So its vital we pay attention to what we are eating and digesting. Here are some basic guide lines:

1) Have plenty of vegetables, whole-grains, legumes and fruits. Eat organically grown food whenever possible.  Avoid artificial additives such as aspartame & MSG and avoid refined sugars and other refined carbohydrates.  A predominantly plant based diet appears to be optimal for human beings and it provides the necessary prebiotics for healthy and diverse gut microbes.  Also consider fermented foods.

2) Drink adequate clean filtered water daily.

3) Use sea salt or Himalayan salt instead of table salt.  Deficiencies in vitamin D3, vitamin B12, magnesium, selenium, boron and iodine for example are quite common.

4) Make sure you get the right balance of essential fatty acids, consider for example hemp seed or flax seed.

5) Consider detoxification at regular intervals.