Many illness’ may not arise in the first place if we are eating the right diet. We all know prevention is better than cure.  Epigenetics informs us that the environment including our diet has a major impact on our DNA and physiology.  Having therapy but not doing anything about our nutrition is only going to have limited success.  Here are some basic guide lines:
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Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is often the result of many causes or contributing factors such as allergies, infections and toxins. In order to get well and stay well it is important to identify as many causative factors as possible. Devices like the Vector NLS and Wavemaker go a long way in doing just that.
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Almost any condition will benefit from bioresonance therapy. It is non-invasive, painless and safe to use at any age. The Vector NLS or Wavemaker devices pick up electromagnetic oscillations from the body. By strengthening the natural oscillations and or cancelling pathological oscillations, they enable the body to regain healthy function again.

With bioresonance therapy we can deal with the real, underlying causes of chronic and
degenerative diseases. According to a scientist, Pschinger, the real cause of chronic disease is the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the connective tissue, i.e. the space between the cells in the tissues of the body. Accumulated toxins block the cells’ ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and eliminate metabolic wastes. The toxins eventually enter the cells and produce symptoms of chronic illness.

We can test for the accumulated toxins through biofeedback by testing non-invasively the body’s electrical reaction to these substances. With Vector NLS or Wavemaker we can see how the body reacts to stresses like chemical toxins, drugs, heavy metals, fungi, parasites, virus and allergies. Through bioresonance an inverse oscillation pattern of energy of the toxin is sent to the body to cancel out its electromagnetic charge. This allows the immune system to easily remove the remains of the toxin from the body.


Allergy Therapy

Allergies stress the body and burden the immune system. The most common allergies are to wheat, cow’s milk and eggs. Symptoms of allergy include: tiredness, headache, oedema, skin rash and itching, blocked nose, itchy eyes, digestive problems, depression and hyperactivity in children.
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Acupuncture is an ancient therapy from China which involves the insertion of very fine needles at specific acupuncture points on the body. Acupuncture brings balance in the body’s energies by strengthening areas that are deficient and draining those areas that have too much energy.
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